Monday, December 19, 2011

Fun with my Little One

I never imagined how excited I would get over ever little stage of development with her!

First, she smiles all the time now. I can't help but feel elated when I am the one who can get her to smile most. She will smile and then turn her head as if she is shy it is so cute. She likes to stick her tongue out when she smiles too its adorable and so goofy. I love it.

She has an IRRESISTIBLE pouty face. Before she cries she will just stick out her lower lip and look at me with pleading eyes for a minute. It is SO cute and I keep trying to get a picture of it but I can't quiet capture the cuteness of it.
I can never catch it when she sticks out her lip but it is so cute.

She has discovered her voice! She like to talk to me now and it is so fun because she seems like she is telling a detailed story as she changes her face expressions and eyebrows as she is talking to me. Sometimes I swear she is saying hi back to really sounds like it. It is so much fun.
Talking to me

She has learned a lot more control over her hands. It is fascinating to watch her deliberately reach out and bat at toys to make them move or grab something and put it to her mouth.
Sucking her fists

She is such a joy and I absolutely love watching her grow!
Mommy and baby :)

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