Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dressing Your Truth

I know I haven't blogged on here in FOREVER. I have like six other blogs I've been working on, haha.

But I just have to blog about this program called "Dressing Your Truth." I heard about it from some people in my ward. First I thought "Hmm, interesting." Then I looked it up and thought it was kind of fun, but then I got really annoyed because I felt like it was saying that you have to buy her program and whatever to feel confident. I already feel confident with the way I look and happy as can be in my own skin (this was not always true but read my other post if you want to see how I got there.) I also didn't like that it seemed to focus on looks, and that looks were the source of confidence.

BUT I couldn't help but still be intrigued by the whole idea so I read her book, got into it a little more, and yes now I admit I'm in love with it. Carol Tuttle's dressing your truth program goes so much deeper than how you look. It is about being YOU. Like I said, I feel confident with my looks and body, but for me I am not super confident with who I am. I've always wondered who I am  really and I tend to act in whatever way other people perceive me. For example, I think most of my ward thinks I'm shy, so I just keep on acting mellow and quiet around them even though doing so makes me feel uncomfortable and not like myself. Anyway, this program helps you come to better understand WHO YOU REALLY ARE and how who that person you are is phenomenal. She makes every type of person look amazing. I think sometimes some parts of our culture look down on strong women, yet she shows how powerful and wonderful they can be. Also I think other parts of our culture look down on women who are bright and bubbly, and she shows how it is important to not suppress that side for fear of being labeled "immature" and how that too is a beautiful movement. Also our culture can look down on soft women and see them as weak, but she shows the strength that the "soft, subtle woman" can have and how they are beautiful too. I love it.  She is not about changing your body or focusing on fitting some mold. She is about bring out the best in people. She is about putting aside stereotypes of how women should be or how other people think you should be and really living TRUE TO YOURSELF.

This is incredibly empowering to me. Through reading and understanding more about her program I have gone deeper and learned so much about myself. I've learned that I hold back a lot of who I am because I'm afraid of being something different than what people perceive me as. And in doing so, I am sure I have  missed many opportunities to grow and do great things. But NO MORE. I want to stop listening to what everyone else tells me to be and be the woman God created me to be. And I honestly think I can better serve Him when I am more fully being myself.

SO...basically I wanted to post about it because I wanted to share the "course" with you. It is fun and free and gets you really thinking about who you are and what parts of you you may be suppressing. Yes she is going to try and sell you her product but you don't have to buy it to start really learning about yourself and learning what it means to really truly be and love yourself how you are. So...go ahead! Give it a try! It's fun!

Yes there are only four "types" which weirded me out too. But she describes it not as a personality test (because personalities are so much more diverse and complex) but as a "movement through life." The other thing I love about it is it has really helped me understand people who think differently than me, and help me really relate to them. I shared it with my sisters and we love chatting about how we do things and it is so fun to see the different ways we think and the ways we can relate. Watch it and enjoy :)