Sunday, March 4, 2012

Monthly Goal Update

1. Daily scripture study: Doing it! And it really honestly has made me a better person already. My thoughts are more on the Savior and I realize so many areas where I need to improve. I feel like scripture reading helps me think more proactively rather than the just floating through life attitude I sometimes get. And it's a good feeling...not like overwhelming "I have so much to do" but excited to strive to be better. What helped me most to get on the ball with this was to tell myself to "seek the Lord first" before I get on facebook, look for apartments, or clean the house. Those things can wait, He is first. It really helps, and my days are much more productive when I start them out that way.
2. We are having family home evening pretty good too. It is definitely not elaborate, just usually a spiritual thought and that's it. Sometimes I do forget though so I want to do better at not forgetting and actually thinking and preparing for it rather than just picking a favorite scripture.
3.Baby B is doing much better. I wouldn't say she has a schedule yet, but she has a pattern. Usually it is three naps a day and ten to twelve hours of sleep a night. I am very happy with that and she is much happier when she gets her sleep! I would like to get her more on a schedule so I can make sure I'm not planning to go visiting teaching in the middle of her nap or something, but I am very happy with her "pattern" now.
4. The past two weeks I've read and prayed with baby B every night. What helps is I bought a little board book of Book of Mormon stories that have rhyming words. She likes to touch the pictures and hold the book while I'm reading. It's so cute.
5. Totally failing on this one. We've decided a gym membership is a luxury we really can't afford right now so I have a new plan. On the nice days Baby B and I will go for a run. On cold or rainy days or days I don't want to run I will do a work out dvd....not sure which one though yet suggestions are welcome! I want something that is really TOUGH so that I don't get bored with it after a day. :)
6. My angelic mother-in-law is still doing most the cooking, bless her heart. I have tried to make meals here and there but it seems the days I try are the days B is more demanding and doesn't give me time. BUT I have made a menu of one month of healthy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and that is a huge step for me!
7. Not doing so good on this one either....It is hard to remember this when I am so focused on my little baby. But reading my scriptures has helped me set some goals that will hopefully help me do better in this.

That's it for Feb! If things keep going this good I'll add a few goals! Baby steps!

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  1. I do "the firm" it is pretty intense cardio, I like it. I hear P90X is good. Also I would love your menu. You should share that ;)