Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monthly Goal Update:

1. I am doing WAAAYY better at reading my scriptures everyday. And when I say reading I mean more than my usual one verse. I'm graduating from the whimpy verse club to a good study where I actually remember what I study and think about it through out the day. I make goals each time I study but I want to do better at implementing them. I've been trying to "put the Lord first" and read my scriptures at the first free moment I have rather than check facebook, look for jobs or whatever, clean the house (though I still do have to at least make my bed so I feel like I'm reading in a clean environment). So far it has really helped me get in a better habit of scripture reading because I don't put it off like I use to.
2. Well I think we had family home evening twice last month. I remembered last night though so we are on a good start. I also want to include Brina, even though she's so young, but she is usually in bed by the time Brad gets home. Maybe we'll do it on Sunday instead.
3. Getting Bri on a routine...yipes. Still not happening. I'm not sure exactly how to do this. If anyone has ideas PLEASE give me some. She is so random. But then again I've been trying to get myself on a schedule for years now to no avail. She's her mama's daughter that's for sure. But I really want to have this down before summer so once I start my little preschool I'll know what to expect from her and how to arrange things and what not.
4. I've been praying with Baby Bri more than usual before bed but still not constantly. Last night was the first night I did our whole bedtime routine. Usually she is just so tired and cranky I don't have time but this time I started earlier before she was too tired. She slept AMAZINGLY last night, it was a miracle.
5. I started going to the gym but the we all got sick. Our membership ran out but I decided since the weather has been so amazing I might as well run outside instead of paying 15 bucks to run in circles. I bundled Bri up really good. Still need to work on this one.
6. Haven't even touched this goal. I barely cook because I have a wonderful mother in law who cooks for us. But I want to stop taking advantage of her and start helping out with the cooking. It will come easier once I get Bri figured out.
7. Still need to work on this one. I did do one little act of service for my visiting teachee but I know there is so much more out there I can do I just need to open up my eyes.

SO that is it. I am doing better than last year and doing a monthly goal update will help me keep thinking about them. They are such simple goals, and already I'm seeing blessings from my meager efforts.


  1. The biggest help I have found with getting babies on schedules is setting a calendar reminder on my phone to remind me to put them down for a nap. Be consistent. Allow her to cry if need be until she falls asleep. As long as Emily doesn't wake up the baby most days she naps wonderfully. Just try to make it consistent

  2. You are so ambitious! Way to go!! :)
    I wonder if you took a few seconds to take notes on Bri throughout the day (what time she last slept and for how long, what times she ate, pooped, etc) if that would help you establish her into a routine that is gradual and an easier transition for all? Once some sort of routine is established then it can be tweaked slowly--a few minutes change everyday ( we took Laura's bedtime from midnight to 8pm that way when she was about 5 months old). You can do it! :)

  3. Good job Nina! Scheduling a baby is really difficult sometimes, and sometimes impossible. It will get easier as she gets older. I don't really remember having a good set schedule with my first until he was close to a year old. Hope you can figure something out that will work for you!