Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happily Endure...40 Weeks and Counting

"Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy." -James 5:11

Here I am... 40 weeks pregnant!

 I never thought I would be SO disappointed that I haven't had her by now. But I am! I know the "due date" isn't some magical day but I couldn't help but think that for sure I'd be holding my little girl by now. But the wait really has been short, so far, and it's taught me a lot. The scripture above I read today in my study and made me decided that however long it takes I need to be happy as I wait and remember the Lord is merciful and has His reasons. So as part of the enduring happily part...I going to make a list of what I have loved about being pregnant....

1. LIFE INSIDE ME. I love the feeling of life inside me. Even now, she moves around like crazy and it is so incredible to me. It gives me peace that she is doing alright in there, and it is a miracle that I can carry her and my body can sustain her and help her grow. To hear her heartbeat and feel her move throughout my pregnancy has been such a joy.

2. RELAXING. While I did not enjoy having such horrible morning sickness, I am grateful for it. It helped me slow down and not try so hard to be super woman. It helped me relax and depend on others more, especially my husband.

3. HEALTHIER THAN EVER. Being responsible for another persons well being, especially my own child has changed me in many ways. One of which being the way I eat. Granted, these last few weeks I've slipped back into giving into my sweet tooth, however these nine months over all I have eaten healthier and strove to exercise more than ever. I try harder to get enough sleep and not over exert myself.  Over all it has made me feel better about my self and my life, and the little being inside me.

4. INSTA-FRIENDS. Another fun thing about being pregnant is that everyone wants to talk to me! And for some reason it seems like having a big belly makes it really easy for them to talk to me. Where ever I am, in the grocery story, eating out, walking down the street, people love to see my belly and ask me questions and chat and joke with me. I love it! Every where I go I meet friendly people who are excited for me, even though we barely met. I love that.

5. GREATER EMPATHY. All of a sudden I can relate to thousands of other women! I now understand what it means to be pregnant. This has helped me connect with so many other moms and always gives us lots to talk about. It helps me understand other women and the joys and hardships of pregnancy and be able to relate and give advice when asked for it. It has helped me gain new friendships and stregthen old ones.

6. LOVE MY BODY. This may seem kind of weird. But pregnancy really has helped me love my body more than ever. Before being pregnant, I fell too often into the trap of worrying about my body size, shape, and overall look. Once I got pregnant, well...who cares? There is no way I will fit into the model type body ideal with a huge belly. So I let go of my vanity. And the amazing thing is, as I let go of it, I came to appreciate my body even more. I love my body and what it can do. I am grateful for this gift and I hope that once I am no longer pregnanr I will continue to love this gift God has given me of a beautiful, capable body.

7. LOVE FOR MY HUSBAND. This has been the best thing throughout my pregnancy. Now I am definitly not saying that you should ever, ever, just try to get pregnant to save a failing relationship because it doesn't work that way. Our relationshp was healthy, and being pregnant has just brought more love and tenderness into the mix. My love for my husband has grown leaps and bounds as he went out to get me a Wendy's baked potato when I was craving it or rubbed my back as I was hurting from carrying the baby all day. My heart melts as he has brought home every baby thing he could find that we could use and as he puts in extra hours at work so he can take time off when Brina comes. I have come to appreciate him and love him more than ever throughought this pregnancy, and this is definitly the best blessing of all in being pregnant.

Pregnancy has definitly not been easy. But over all I really have loved it. And I still am enjoying it. Especially when she moves and lets me know everything is okay in there. I know it won't last forever (though sometimes it feels like it) and soon I will be holding our little girl. In the meantime, I plan to count my blessings and joy in the privilage of being pregnant!


  1. I only kind of know how you feel! I am sure it is very difficult to wait, and I definitely realize you want to have her in your arms. I feel like the last part of my pregnancy was ripped away from me. But, like you said, I learned some lessons in it... Doesn't mean I am glad it happened that way, but... Anyway, enjoy your belly and the movement inside you. As funny as it sounds, I miss sitting on the couch with my hands on my tummy just reveling in his kicks and jabs and the anticipation of him being here. Even though you may be a bit miserable (I was sometimes!), just relax and know that she'll be here SOON!!! :)

  2. What a cute pregnant woman. Hopefully she'll come soon! I'm glad you've had the chance to enjoy your pregnancy. Hope all is smooth sailing when she comes! Happy pushing!!

  3. You have a bog??? How come I dont know about this?
    cant wait to read.